Healing Starts from Within

There is no documentary film like FKLM and we know it will go viral once it hits the big screen.  We are a passionate and diverse network of advocates and youth ambassadors seeking an opportunity to share our experiences to make a positive impact on children with incarcerated parents throughout the globe…with your support, of course!

Production set to begin filming in 2020. The more money we raise, the sooner we can get this movie completed and in theaters!

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The Impact

FOR KIDS LIKE ME is a documentary film dedicated to teens and young adults who have been impacted by the criminal justice system. The children featured in the film found the courage inside of themselves and, with support from their “village”, put others first and are all advocates seeking reform in sentencing laws.

With your help, we will have raised enough funding to give children with incarcerated parents a larger platform to share their stories and empower other teens and young adults. 

Meet the Crew & Featured Participants of #FKLMdoc

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LaDàna Drigo


Founder of MyFairyGodParents.org and public relations consultant.

Yasmine Arrington


 Founder of ScholarCHIPS Fund.

Anyé Young


Teen author and keynote speaker.

Ebony Underwood


 Founder of WeGotUsNow.

Baz Dreisinger


Author of Incarceration Nations (2016).

DeRonte Craig


Former HBCU Campus King at Bowie State University featured in Ebony Magazine.

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